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Zapfino: A Cool Font

I’m tring to look for some fonts for my blog these days, and find a cool font Zapfino inadvertently.

Here is how it looks:

zapfino icon

Umh… The logo looks pale by comparison, I need to find a more fantastic logo later :)

Unfortunately, Zapfino is not installed on Windows by default, so I use Lucida Handwriting instead. See below:
lucida icon

The font-family defined in my css is shown below.

body > header h1 {   
  padding-left: 45px;   
  font-family: "Zapfino","Snell Roundhand","Lucida Handwriting","PT Serif","Georgia","Helvetica Neue",Arial,serif;

Apprently, this font is suitable for titles, but not contents.

Here is a blog about web font in more detail:

BTW, the history of Zapfino is interesting, the development had become seriously delayed: began from 1944, but released in 1998. Cite from wiki:

Zapf remembered a page of calligraphy from his sketchbook from 1944, and considered the possibility of making a typeface from it. … Siegel also hired Gino Lee, a programmer from Boston, Massachusetts, to help work on the project.

However, just before the project was completed, Siegel wrote a letter to Zapf, saying that his girlfriend had left him and that he had lost all interest in anything. Siegel abandoned the project and started a new life, working on bringing color to Macintosh computers and later becoming an Internet design expert.

Zapfino’s development had become seriously delayed,… Zapfino was released in 1998 as a Type 1 font.


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